Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wrestlemania build up

As the days get ever slightly longer and the nights get shorter it can only mean one thing; Spring is approaching. Spring is traditionally a time of new hope and new life. Beautiful flowers come to life, there's baby robins hopping about gardens and the air is filled with a renewed sense of freshness.

Is it somewhat coincidental then that across the pond, a huge breath of fresh air often sweeps through the WWE around this time, and for a few superstars in particular, their career can 'spring' to life? (apologies). The build up to WWE's show piece event Wrestlemania is in full flow and in my humble opinion, the wrestling extravaganza and in particular it's main event, are shaping up quite nicely this year.

The main event, featuring John Cena vs The Rock, has all the ingredients needed for it to be the spectacle that an event as big as Wrestlemania deserves. It's got two hugely popular superstars in their own rights, with main event pedigrees that boxing  (and occasionally wrestling) counterpart Mike Tyson would be proud of.

Both superstars are capable of wrestling great matches and regardless of what the critics say about John Cena's wrestling ability, when he's in the ring with a talented superstar, such as the Rock, he's fully capable of putting on a great match. Any doubts about whether the Rock still has what it takes after such a lengthy absence from the sport were fully extinguished after his exploits at Survivor Series, where he brought an other wise dull tag team match to life.

Throw into the mix the fact that it's being held in the Rock's home town Miami, and a rivalry which has spanned over a year, and you've got yourself a main event which shouldn't disappoint.

Who's going to win? Well it would take a very brave man to bet against the Rock in his home town but will the WWE put the Rock, who is more or less a part time superstar, over Cena who is arguably their biggest and most loyal asset?

It remains to be seen but one thing is for certain in my eyes. If Cena wins, it might bring with it that familiar sense of "same old, same old", however if the Rock wins, it might just make that breath of fresh air that Spring brings with it taste that little bit sweeter.

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